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Our house has three bathrooms. A main one with a big tub, no shower, a basement one with a tub and shower, and a small one off the master bedroom with a 'shower stall'? I think its called.
Shortly after moving in, we found the basement tub shower door one kept coming off the rails, so we took it off and hung a shower curtain instead, which works well.
Now the master bedroom shower stall door  is no longer functioning. It has been leaned against by the men in the family, and needs to be replaced. Would a shower curtain be appropriate here too? Can you get small but sturdy curtain rods that will hold a heavy curtain, maybe one that attaches to the sides of the shower as well? Or is a  new door more appropriate?
We plan on living here for a while yet so resale is not yet an option. Also, we are in our 60's so ease of use is getting important too. Thanks!

Good Afternoon Sue:

     Shower door or curtain, It all depends on what works best for you. Shower doors can get expensive especially buying and installing a proper fitting unit. A word of caution, buying a standard inexpensive shower door may look nice in the beginning but will not hold up.

     Shower curtains can be costly, but not as much as shower doors. Using a HD clear liner & curtain will be just as effective and more private. I do recommend installing a curtain rod screwed into the tile wall, much stronger and more professional. Please check what height you want for a curtain before installing the rod.

     Thank You so much for asking my opinion.

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