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Hello Thomas,  My home was built in '60 and the downstairs bathroom has a brick shower. I'm going to see about getting it tiled but the problem I'm having is with the ceiling. The bathroom has a "drop" type ceiling. I'm not sure what it's called but the frame is wired and panels are laid in. The shower has the same thing only with plastic panels. I would like to do something more attractive for the shower ceiling and I would like to add a light. The shower is directly below the upstairs toilet so I have to have access to the plumbing. I don't necessarily have to have a light. The shower stall has a low ceiling so I need something that will take an occasion splash of water Any ideas?
Thank you!


Light fixtures have to be rated for wet locations and those that are say so.

You will need to coordinate the installation limitations with the light fixture you select.

Though some are rated for wet locations they may not hold up to being wet so pay attention to the materials they are made of.

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