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hi steve, I have an old house around 1900 and the flooring is asbestos. I don't want to spend lots of money for abatement but I would like new floor coverings.
two choices laminate - no adhesive and vinyl sheeting adhesive. laminate is 2x the price of sheeting. I am concerned about the next owner removing the new sheeting. does it matter or should I ask not to use adhesive. I am at a lose what to do. thanks in advance.

Hi Mary,

You have a dilemma and I can appreciate it.  For liability reasons I do not comment or give advice on projects that entail potentially hazardous materials.  I normally don't deal with asbestos, even when I can do an actual site visit and inspection.

One thing you should know is that asbestos is relatively safe as long as it is not disturbed and allowed to become airborne.  Anything that you do to the floor that would cause the asbestos to break up and possibly become airborne, either now or in the future, should be avoided.  And if you do decide to cover the tiles, I would certainly make any future buyer aware of the situation.

Sorry I can't be of more help.
Good luck,

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