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Hi there.  I live in an old country house in southern Spain and in my area, although it is very dry indeed, there is a problem in a lot of properties with the salts which are inside the stonework of the area, causing bubbling and decomposing of cement rendering, plasterwork & paint.  We have this in part of our house and no pre-painting treatment seems to help the problem.  The thing is that in one of the affected rooms, which has cement rendering both inside and outside, seems to be much worse suddenly and was only repainted in the summer.  Im wondering if this has anything to do with a recent repair on a blocked drainage pipe on the path immediately outside.  To make matters possibly worse, the floor of this room, as is all the back of the house, slightly below ground level as the garden behind the slate path at the rear consists of a series of narrow terraces up to a fence at a higher level. We have tiled floors and the special grouting is didintegrating in certain places or turning whitish. My husband is in denial and is sure it is the salts problem flaring up again but we have have no rain this winter so I suspect otherwise.  What do you think?


This might be a little out of my expertise. Living in the USA I am not familiar with the salt issues you have there in Spain. Although we do get a lot of condensation and water infiltration in our basement below grade walls. A great product to use is the water proofing paint made by a company called UGL. It is a great product to use to close the cells of concrete and eliminate moisture coming through the walls here. Here is a link to their products and home site. I hope this helps you.


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