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QUESTION: Hello Glen,
What is the most effective way to soundproof one wall to block sounds from coming from the other side of the wall? How much weight and thickness would this add to the wall? We can soundproof only one, not both, side of the wall. Thank you in advance.

ANSWER: Shirley- The most simple way to sound proof a wall is to:

1) Put a rubber membrane over existing wall. Rubber cancels a good number of sound waves.
2) Add RC Channel. This creates an air gap which also cancels sound.
3) Add another layer of drywall fastened to the RC channel.
4) On the interior of the wall hang some sound absorbing materials. These are as simple as fabric stretched over a frame. Thicker fabric is better.

I have built 5 sound studios so far in my career. Without a complete wall/ceiling/floor system changed you will not achieve total soundproofing. But you will notice a considerable difference if you apply the above to your wall.
Please feel free to contact me for any reason.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thank you for your reply. What's the product name for the rubber membrane? If I go to the store, what do I ask for? Which brand do you recommend? How about thickness?

Can we add it over our wood paneling, or should we add it directly to the sheetrock by removing the wood panels?

Have you heard of the Green Glue damping product? http://www.greengluecompany.com/products/noiseproofing-compound
If so, do you know how effective it is?

Thank you in advance.

Hi there- Sry for the delay but I am on an evil deadline...I would love to give this greenglue a try. But what a waste if it doesn't work. Can you get them to offer your money back?
They make special sound rubber but I have yet to see the difference than what you can get in rolls from a local rubber supplier. Its about 1/16" thick or so. I would leave the wood paneling on. What is it you are soundproofing for may I ask?


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