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We recently build a home with 6 post across the front and back of our house with 8'porches. It was completed in Nov. 2013. We used DeckScapes exterior deck stain in clear from Sherwin Williams.  Now black spots are showing up on the post. What can we do about this? What should we be using to stop this black coloring?


The black spots you refer to are probably mold/mildew.  You can determine if the spots are under the finish you applied or on the surface by lightly scratching the surface with your finger nail to see if the spots come off easily.  If they do, that would indicate the spots are on top of the finish, if not, it would indicate the spots are under the finish.

Cypress has a high moisture content and if not dried before use mold can develop.  Depending which stain (water based or oil/alkyd based) was used the mold could develop on the finish or under the finish.  Removing it and preventing it from returning requires a different approach depending on which stain was used.  If the mold is on the surface a mixture of 3-4 parts water and one part bleach with a soft bristle brushing will remove it, but bleach will not kill mold.  You need to apply a microbial/mildewcide after bleaching.  If the mold is under the finish you need to remove the finish then bleach and apply the microbial/mildewcide, then re-apply the finish.

Sherwin Williams makes several deck products, and to my knowledge they all contain a mildewcide additive, but each has particular properties and each present different issues when trying to correct any given problem.

Before you do anything I would confirm that the spots are mold.  It is possible they are not, but are extractions of tannins in the wood caused by reaction with chemicals in the stain formula, particularly certain solvents.  I have seen this effect in cedar and redwood on several occasions.  I would recommend you go to a Sherwin William store and discuss the problem with the manager or knowledgeable representative of the store and get their input and recommendations.  I hope this was helpful.  Good luck.  

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