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I have two outside light bulbs that need replaced. I want to go ahead and just replace everything. I try to be green and energy efficient... Can I use LEDs? Do they make those for outdoor use? I wasn't sure if moisture or temperature would be a concern or affect the bulbs. I live in an area that can have very hot summers and very cold winters. Are there other energy efficient options?


Hi, Cate!  Great question - and glad to hear you're trying to be "green".  

They absolutely make LED lights for exterior usage.  I should caution you that they cost a bit more than typical CFL or Incandescent lighting - but they use far less energy and last much longer.

Don't worry too much about your outside weather conditions as most of these exterior rate fixtures and bulbs are tested at conditions far more extreme than what you or I typically experience.

Unfortunately, your outdoor fixtures as they exist now may not accommodate an LED lightbulb.  Be sure to check that prior to loading up on bulbs!  If they do not accommodate an LED bulb - you can buy LED fixtures to replace the ones on the outside of your home.  They aren't terribly expensive but the selection is limited.

I hope that helped -- if you have any future questions, feel free to reach out to me personally at Anthony@bsiofnc.com.  This allows you to send me pictures or links to products if you wanted my opinion on them.

Best of luck - look forward to talking to you further!


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