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Just had a new sewer line put in and I have attached a photo which looks just like the situation I now have in my back yard. It's a total mess as the plumber just pushed all the dirt back into the trench and this includes broken pipe shards, gravel, and stones, mixed in. I have two other areas close to the mound that are sinking which looks like they might have started a trench line then re-started so I am left with a couple more unwanted ruined sections of the yard.


1) What are my options to get this huge mound of dirt to settle and should I put pressure on the plumber to compact and/or level the dirt?

2) Will all of that broken up debris affect or damage the new sewer line?

3) Should I call Code Enforcement to see if the job was done right?

Sorry to hear about your issue,
The soil should have been slowly placed back in the trench in six to eight inch layers and compacted by a gas powered tamper before the next layer was installed. That is the best way to back fill so you don't have access dirt or have a depression later on as the soil settles. At this point I don’t think the plumber will come back unless you are still holding some money of his. The mound he left is way too much I agree. He could, or should have taken some of it away for you or at the very least mentioned that you were going to have this issue to deal with after he was done.

If you want to speed up the natural compaction process (which is what the plumber is hoping  will happen over years) you can soak the ground with water. That will help a little but will take hundreds of gallons to accomplish.

I think a solution to this is to take some of that dirt away. Then to compact it. Maybe drive over it several times with a heavy vehicle.

The debris he placed into the trench should not hurt the new sewer line. He at least should have taken out the large debris along the way.

Was there an inspection before he backfilled? There should have been one! I don’t see that the inspector can help with this dirt pile issue. The only thing he might be able to say is that the pile is a tripping hazard and that may be a code violation.

Good luck with your Plumber.

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