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Hello - I'm going out on a limb and thought I would pose this question to you first.  I am not sure who to ask quite frankly.   I have a vinyl storage shed in my yard.  It is on concrete blocks.  I have tried Leak Fix and caulking but it still leaks.  It's odd because every time it rains hard it leaks different places (or so it seems).  On the left side water gathers.  I sweep it out, come back later and there is more water.  Any ideas???   It is difficult to caulk because you can't get the tip of the caulk down far enough so that it actually lays flat.

Hello Claudia,
This is very difficult to answer without actually seeing the unit.  Since that isn't possible would you please send me some pictures of the inside and outside of the shed.  Perhaps I can help if I can see what I'm dealing with.

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