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I live in southern Louisiana. When pressure washing aluminum gutters there is often stripes that are left behind. They call them "tiger stripes". Could you recommend a product to remove the stripes from my gutters? I usually use bleach and Jomax to clean my vinyl and gutters.

Hi John,

Cleaning tiger striping on gutters can sometimes be quiet difficult.  Stains build up over time and are difficult to remove in one cleaning. Additionally, the cause of the stains varies from one area to the next. The stains may contain soot, tree gum, oils or asphalt from shingles, tannins from leaves, industrial pollutants, along with pollen and dust.

A product that cleans one combination of these stains may be less effective on a different combination. For difficult stains,a trial and error approach using several different cleaners may be necessary in order to find the best cleaner for your particular gutters.  If the gutters are accessible enough to be wiped down with a cloth during the cleaning process it may greatly increase the effectiveness of the cleaners.

There are several products on the market targeted specifically at cleaning tiger striping on gutters as well as gutter stains in general.  I have had some success with both of the products listed below.

<a href="http://www.rustoleum.com/en/product-catalog/consumer-brands/krud-kutter/concentr>krud Kutter Gutter cleaner

Gutter Zap

I have also had limited success cleaning tiger striping from gutters with Purple Power and Fantastic brand cleaners. Bleach by itself or in combination with compatible cleaners is often quiet effective especially on mildew stains.  

Be cautious using any concentrated cleaner as many can damage the paint finish or remove the paint completely if left on too long.  Other mistakes to avoid include using any cleaner or scrubber with abrasive properties or applying too much scrubbing pressure with a cloth which may affect the sheen of the paint.

I hope I have been of some service in helping you choose a cleaner for your gutters.  Let me know if you find a product that you are particularly pleased with.

Best regards,

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