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Sorry, I have no pics. My paving stone driveway has sunk just before it contacts the garage, so water is poooling, and getting in to the garage. Also, the pavers have moved away from a few more spots that contact the house, and rainwater is getting in. I have dug them up in the past a re-leveled them, but they moved away again.
At the attached garage side, there is a 6'X 40' space between my house and the neighbours fence. It is sand. Water gets in here too. It is also muddy when it rains, full of weeds and dead leaves, etc. I would like a hard surface here, not just to keep the water away, but to store stuff on. Without spending a ton of money to have all the pavers removed, and have concrete poured in these areas, I thought of using asphalt. Do you think it  would  be OK at the side? Could some of the leftover asphalt  be used as a patch between the pavers and the house? I dont really care about the looks, as the spots are not that big. I just want to keep the water out. Somday, when I have more money, I would possibly have the pavers removed and concreted over.  Thanks for your thoughts!

Asphalt would be fine in this instance. However if it were me I would install crushed stone and pavers (Big ones) to aid with the drainage. Once you hard surface an area that water has to go somewhere and will cause yet another problem...... Also if you can contain the existing drive pavers they will not move as much. The sinking is because it was filled poorly when built.

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