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We are building a new house and the newly installed stucco has large streaks that look as if the stucco is wet or was just rained on. The stucco hasn't been wet in 20 plus days but there are sections that look as if the stucco is wet. Is this normal?  The contractor says that it takes about a year for the stucco to blend to its full color.


This is probably the most interesting question I've received.

I have a couple of questions/comments that might help.

Frist, I'm in California and things usually dry out/cure quickly. Do any of your neighbors have the same problem? - -If not, then by casual observation your situation is not normal.

Second, it does concern me that the problem is below the windows. This area should get the most sun and be the driest, not the wettest. I have seen improperly installed windows cause similar problems. Unfortunately the only way to be sure is to tear into the wall. Do you have any problem areas that aren't below windows?

I'm guessing if you contacted a local window guy he could probably come up with some kind of water test to tell if the window installation is the problem. c

After that, you need legal advice, which I can't help u with.

Let me know how I can help



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