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a new 50 gal. 65k btu water heater was installed approx. one month ago.
a spurt of air & water comes from two lave sink faucets which are above & close to tank. this happens in the morning & later in the day.   The master bath (approx. 40ft away is used first in the morning) no air there. This happens only at those faucets. the house is on a well system & had a gauge installed to detect leaks, as in pressure drop, none were detected.  Water temp is 120 degrees.
water heater company was called & they had no solution. there are no water leaks in the piping where air could get into the system.
yes there is a water conditioning system which was there before new tank was installed & water did not spurt before new tank was installed.
any suggestions?

Wow Paul......probably the most interesting question I have had in a long time.......love it......
OK so really I would need to see the configuration of the piping to see what order of demand is on the hot and cold sides.
Some questions to you....
Is the water heater the same as the old; just updated or....?
Was it installed correctly?
My feeling is that there is simply an air pocket trapped within the piping. To solve this just open the highest (in elevation) hot and cold valves and let them run while you go turn on each valve in order of elevation (highest to lowest). This will "bleed" the piping of all air and resolve the issue. Over time the issue will resolve itself, I believe.....
Would love to know the result. If my feeling about the fix is incorrect than I would like to speak to you....I can figure it out.....

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