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I have a double wide home on basement.Its got a double 3 by 16 inch LVL down the middle. the steel cross braces are lagged to the LVLs and the two big LVLs running length wise are lagged together also I have support pipes every 8 ft What is the maximum spand for these support pipes? I would like to take a couple out. One spand would be about 14 ft the other would be only 10 ft. Thanks Tom

Hi Tom. LVLs are manufactured in different strength categories. To answer this question in truth you will need to know which category yours fits into. I will say that most LVLs are very strong and you may be able to accomplish what you are looking to do. You will have to consult an engineer to calculate all factors such as wind load, snow load , seismic conditions........ The thing about a double wide is that they do need constant support down the middle.

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