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Hello, I am a 64 year old man who lives in a 4 room house that needs a new roof. I live in the small town of Summerville Georgia. I currently have a 23 year old asphalt shingle roof that is aging fast. Most everyone in my neighborhood has a metal roof. At my age, I would like to have a roof that would most likely outlive me. I know that a 26 gauge metal roof is thicker than a 29 gauge one. I do want to get the most for the least money as I live on Social Security. One roofer recommended a gavalume roof. Can you tell me if this would be a good way to go? Also, could you tell me what to look for such as quality, manufacturer, etc. or do you recommend something else. I have been reading on the internet that asphalt shingles have been failing within 5-10 years regardless of their guarantee. If you think the gavalume roof would be best, could you tell me what you recommend and what to look for so I will get the most for the money? I will appreciate any help or recommendations you may have. Stephen


I've used asphalt shingles with no problems for years. In California, shingles are usually the least expensive option.

A lot of people here choose metal roofs of one kind or another. Some of these can't be walked on, so you may want to consider this.

I don't ever replace a roof until it leaks. You say yours needs replacing - -is it leaking? Can it be patched/repaired?



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