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drain pipe run
drain pipe run  

waste drain exit to sewer
waste drain exit to se  
Hello Tony and thank you in advance for your recommendations.  I'm in the process of finishing my basement and have a question about building a soffit around the drainage pipe and building out a wall from where it exits the house out to the septic.  I've included pics which I hope will help.  My biggest questions are what would you use for the framing?  2x2 or 2x4 lumber for the soffit?  Either can be difficult to find straight pieces for a project like this.  Any other material you would recommend.  Secondly, would you recommend gluing and screwing the lumber to the drywall.  This is an ICF foundation so there is no framing under the drywall.  Always trying to keep within a budget, I've heard recommendations about using carpet pad to wrap around the pvc drain pipe for noise reduction.  Any thoughts about this.  Lastly, I need to build out the wall for access to where the drain exits the house.  Being so close to the wall I'd rather not shoot in rivets to secure the pressure treated wood to the concrete floor.  With these things in mind, could you give me recommendations as if this were your project?  Thanks again.

Hi Brad,

Not having the option of securely attaching the chase framing to the wall means that most of the rigidity of the chase must come from the I-joists.  I suggest attaching short pieces of 2x6 to the top and bottom edge of the I-joists with screws.  The 2x6 should be spaced on every other I-joist and extend down just below the plane of the pipe.  Additional framing can then be attached to the 2x6 members to complete the “box”  I have attached a drawing that may help clarify my suggestion.

The addition of sound deadening material around the drain pipe is a good idea and see no reason why carpet padding would not work well.

I am not sure what type of rivets you are talking about shooting into the floor to secure the wall, but drilling through the bottom plate and into the concrete with a masonry bit and installing masonry screws is another option that is not to difficult and should securely attach the wall to the concrete floor.

Hope I have been of some help in this matter

Best regards,

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