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Hello!  I recently had a tenant in my one rental property who apparently locked her LARGE dogs (3 of them) in the house for hours or even days on end...  Not pretty!  We have removed the carpet, padding, scrubbed the walls, replaced the air filters, replaced the doors and the drywall where the dogs tried to get out, etc.  But are left with a large spot where there was so much urine that it soaked into the plywood subfloor and even after months of "drying" it hasn't...  I was thinking maybe trying Oil-dry/cat litter/damprid or ???  to try and avoid removing the plywood and replacing.  DO you have any suggestions?


I have never had reason to use it, but there are products advertised that report removing animal smells if that remains to be part of the problem.

You seem more to be saying the plywood is wet and does not smell. Is the house heated? Have you placed a spot lamp on the area to provide direct warming? If indeed the spot has stayed wet after months I have to ask if you have tested it for wet and are not just seeing a stain? Water will stain wood and that is permanent.

There are devices sold for the purpose of checking material for moisture content. Or if you have access to an Ohm meter it will tell you if there is moisture in the wood by showing current is present. The higher the Ohms the more wet the material. I test material by placing the probes one inch apart. You can test an area that is dry to see what the wood is conducting normally.

Given that the flooring (carpet) has been removed for months, and the subfloor is still wet, it may be your simplest option to cut out and replace the plywood. Look into the proper support of the the subfloor for the existing conditions.

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