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Hi Tony:

I am framing a basement and just completed construction of the rough opening for a set of bifold doors to enclose the furnace. My question is, can I attach the upper rail to the header or should it be attached to the wider framing that surrounds pre hung doors (for drywall purposes)? Thanks in advance.

Hi Kevin,

The rough opening should be finished before doors are installed. This can be accomplished by either finishing the jamb area of the opening with drywall or installing a jamb and casing.   

Unless the rough opening was framed to size for a drywall jamb, a wood jamb and casing should be installed in the rough opening prior to attempting to hang the bi-fold doors.  The jamb boards for a 2"x4" framed wall with 1/2" drywall on both sides should be ripped to 4-9/16" wide. Be sure the inside width and height of the jamb are the correct size to accommodate the doors and ensure the jamb is installed plumb and square.

The jamb along with the attached door casing will finish the rough opening and provide the proper mounting surface for the bi-fold doors.

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