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Hi Steve: Going through some tough times financially so I am trying to do as much home repair as I can by myself.  Attached are 3 images of our front steps. I'm pretty sure it was just a concrete cast that was placed there when the house was built 60 years ago and now it is starting to fall apart.  I have watched a few ways to fix this issue on youtube but am still open to suggestions. Only the right side is rotting.  You can see the images.  Do you have any ideas that I may be able to pull off on my own?  I am not a contractor but I am pretty handy around the house.  The only thing is I have never worked with concrete before...that's all that worries me.  Any advice / help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,  Paul


The substructure looks to be in really poor shape.  You could remove the loose debris and build up the rotted portion with concrete and mortar.  However, this would probably be a temporary fix.  The bases of the iron columns are really corroded and are probably allowing water to get in beneath the main slab.  

Considering the age and condition, it is probably best to tear it all out and replace it with a new step and floor.  Often, especially in the case of homeowner work, it is easier to replace everything with pressure-treated wood.  Working with wood is easier to learn and is more forgiving than concrete and masonry work.  

But if you are looking to spend the east amount of money, I would suggest just doing the masonry repairs.  

Let me know if you want additional instructions.

Best of luck,

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