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May the door be cut off 7 1/2 inches

You can cut it but a steel door has a core that is not intended to be exposed to the weather.  If you cut it it will be exposed and the cut edge would likely rust or deteriorate over time.  It also compromises the rigidity of the door since the folded edges of the door are what provides the doors stiffness and prevents warping.

You didn't say where you want to cut off 7 1/2", top or bottom rail, hinge stile or latch stile.  Generally the stiles and top rail aren't that big so you would be cutting into the molded panels and they may be hollow.  Cutting the bottom rail would remove the weather strip or sweep which serves to keep the weather, bugs, dirt from entering the building.

I can't picture what circumstance would require cutting off 7 1/2" of an exterior door.  I would not recommend cutting the door.  It would be better to modify the opening to make it a standard 80" height or have a custom shop make a custom door to fit the opening.  Good luck.

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