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I recently moved in with my mother to help her, and I've noticed the house loses cool air in the summer very quickly, and it was always chilly in the winter. Several rooms have damage to the drywall, and there are 2 large holes in one room. Through those holes, I can see there's barely any insulation (the insulation is about a half-inch thick). I'm a bit handy, but is it possible for me to take down the drywall and add more insulation? Would it be better to hire someone? Is there a way to add too -much- insulation? Is there a type that would work best? I appreciate any advise.


I live in California, where it's easy to find a number of contractors who specialize in this type of work. I'd guess things are similar there.

The typical approach is to drill holes in the drywall and pump in insulation, and to blow insulation into the attic. When this is done, the holes are patched.

Removing all the drywall, adding insulation, then replacing the drywall and repainting is a big job and I wouldn't recommend it to someone who wasn't experienced.

I'd suggest you get 2 or 3 bids from contractors you know or who are recommended to you by friends.

By the way, you do need to do the whole house.

Too much insulation?  -there is a point where adding more isn't cost effective. You bidders should be able to give you some options.

Good luck


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