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Good morning Gordon,

I have a concrete problem. I will start by saying that I consider myself somewhat handy, however I've never done anything with concrete.

I have a rental property, and during an inspection, I was told I need to fix a loose railing which is located on the front porch, screwed into the concrete patio. I have attached a photograph to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. Basically, the concrete that is where the screws were drilled into is breaking away and needs replaced. What I'm trying to figure out is if this would be a relatively easy repair for me to figure out how to do, or if I should just go with calling a professional.

Second, I was told I need to fix a concrete step where the concrete is chipping away as well. I've attached that picture too. Is there a way you could shed some light on these for me to see if these are easy fixes, and if so, any suggestions or youtube videos that could help explain?

Really any sort of insight you can provide would be much appreciated.



You need a professional. A licensed contractor will probably want to remove some of the existing material, and perhaps anchor the railing in a new footing.

If you try to patch these areas, they will just chip off/crack again.



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