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we just bought a home in end of april. it has wood siding that was rotting (which the relator of the home said he didnt notice even though it clearly needs replacing in a few years). On the inside of the home, one of the walls below the window had peeling paint very noticeable. When asked the inspector that we paid, he said since it was a north facing home the high winds made the pain peel... so we bought the home and moved in. next weekend when it rained the wall was leaking water and was soaking wet. we checked the window outside to repair it and it was completely rotted all the way through so bad we now have to get new windows and replace the drywall on the inside of the house and repaint. Since its only been a month since we moved in, i feel that since the inspector did not say anything about that and it wasnt in the disclosure from the seller it has to be someones responsibility. What should we do? Thank you!

Hi Lauren,
As you can imagine this is a difficult question.  I guess I would recommend having another home inspector look at it and see if it can be determined if this is something that any home inspector should have caught.  Not being there, I don't know enough to make a guess as to whether it was "missed" or something that any inspector might have missed.  On the surface it sounds like it is something they should have caught.  Having lived and done a lot of building in Syracuse, NY area I do think the comment that the North winds caused the paint to peel is a little strange.  So get another inspector in there and see what they think.  I can probably find a reputable inspector in your area if you like.

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