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Selling our home and closing date is in 3 days. Our realtor informed me today that the septic inspection came back good, except if buyer intends to hook up washer/dryer (in basement), a separate septic system needs to be installed just for that. When we bought our house 30 years ago, that wasn't required. Am I responsible for paying for that? They did not want my laundry machine, and I don't know they even plan to hook up one. Thank you very much.

It sounds like the washer is draining outside which is not allowed in many areas.
Instead of another septic system you could look into a waste ejector pump that pumps the washer waste up and into the main house drain.  Is there another laundry room in the house?
Everything is negotiable with buyers if you don't want to make the change yourself.  The realtors should be able to help come up with an adjusted offer or something.  Go ahead and get a plumber to quote a price for a waste ejector pump installation if this is something possible on this house.

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