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My husband & i are purchasing a small home we will use as a rental property in VA.  We live in PA & plan to use a property management company for our tenants.  We had the home inspection on Sat. & were told there is no access to the crawl space under the addition, which contains the master bedroom & bathroom.  The inspector expressed concern that we can't know what is going on under there-termites, mold, any insulation, plumbing leaks, etc.  With no access to this area, we are concerned about obtaining an accurate termite inspection.  The sellers recently removed a mature tree near the addition.  We do not know the reason why at this time but question if it had termites.  The house was built in 1940.  The home inspector said overall, for the age of the house, it is in very good condition.

Our question is, how concerned should we be about not having access to the apparently very small (shallow) crawl space under the addition?  Should we be concerned about termites?  Our realtor has been very helpful but we recognize that, after coming this far in the process, she wants to sell us the house.

Thank you in advance for your help.

The inspection is not complete until access is made to that crawlspace.  If it is too low to the ground to access after an opening is made, that is not good either.  You should check to see when the addition was built and if it had a permit.  If the crawlspace is not vented and does not have a vapor barrier on the ground it could have major issues.  It is unlikely that they installed an advanced type sealed crawlspace due to the cost. Some lenders may not loan money on a house that has an incomplete termite inspection.  You have a situation where your risk is much higher than normal.  Go ahead and get an independent contractors opinion on the addition, codes, especially related to the height of the wood above the ground and the possibility of adding some access.

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