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We are relocating to Jacksonville Florida. Well, I'm kind of looking around at real estate to see what we like, may be interested in ect. I do have family down there to check out and tell me if its a good area to be or not.

But I was looking at this home, and it said it had public sewer and then it also says private! Seems to me it has to be one or the other, doesn't it?
I wrote to the real estate dealer and she said it would be something that it something to find out IF I decided to get a home inspection.

I'd sort of like to know ahead of time what I'm getting myself into.
Can you help me?


You can call the city utility/water department and ask them if that address is connected to city sewer.

If it is a private system you should call a septic company to pump it out and observe the condition with it open.

Then you can proceed with your regular home inspection which is very important on any age home.

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