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QUESTION: At what point in time, during a buying process, do inspections for a buyer of a home normally take place?  (For example, right after the acceptance of a bid, or the day of the closing, etc.)

ANSWER: You should get your inspections done during the first week after offer acceptance.
On crawlspace homes, you might want to offset extra inspections a few days later so you can see what all is wrong with the house from the regular inspection first (usually a lot since sellers really don't know the true condition under there).  Then its recommended to check the house yourself on your way to closing, especially if they had a fish tank that may have been spilled during the move or recent storms.  It also gives you a chance to see the house without furniture, rugs etc blocking the view.  Hope this helps....

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QUESTION: Thanks very much.  One more thing, can a buyer stop the closing based on a last day inspection?   (Our house is very well maintained and we even got our own inspector prior to listing to be aware of any potential problems.  We realize each inspector will find something different most likely but we wanted to be sure it was in good shape).  We are just curious if a buyer can stop a closing based on a last minute inspection. Thanks

That would depend on the real estate contract. There are lots of differences in the way things are done in each state.  Please contact a local attorney to see what is going on exactly. Some questions he will have for you would include these, did you get a repair list in the agreed upon time frame, were you given time to make repairs, did the buyer have a due diligence period where he could walk for any or no reason at all.  Sorry, but you are getting into an area that home inspectors don't have to know anything about here.

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