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Hi. Can i go in reverse from daw to chord and note sheet? I want to understand how making music without notation through a daw is useful for a live performance band, ie band members may not be able to copy the parts without notation.

Especially confusing is the fact that there is really a great emphasis on making the daw music using vstís and pluginís live? How would a band ever be able to replicate this or would they simply use the daw as backing track?

So is daw making band members redundant? Thx

Hello Sunny-

Thank you for your email. Certain DAW's like Pro Tools and logic have built in Score generators. Pro Tools owns Sibelius for this reason, and it can be a very powerful tool. The only problem, is that it can only do this from Midi Date either programmed by yourself, imported from a Midi-File, or recorded from a performance you play using a Controller Keyboard / midi Keyboard / USB Keyboard.

For a better software, use the Full version of Sibelius 7 and there is a feature that will analyze the music automatically.

This may be a great tool for you if you don't want to create the score on your own.

It is very common that Professional Artists have a band member on-stage with a Pro Tools system and Laptop, and they provide backing tracks from the original recordings that may be too difficult of too expensive to create on stage. This is common for Background Vocals, Techno style programmed dance drums, String sections. In this scenario the Pro Tools session also provides the "click track" for the Drummer, so everyone stays in time with the music.

There are groups like "The Crystal Method" who specialize in re-creating their studio music on stage. It is a very difficult task, and takes much hardware to get everything how you want it. This can be very rewarding in the EDM community, as if done well, it can give you a larger appeal.

In the end, music is an art form, and you as the artist only have to follow your personal inspiration and what you think is cool. If you want to use a DAW on stage, do it! If not, that's ok too. I always tell people who are in my studio that the most important thing is good song writing. Once you have good songs, that's the most difficult part. Playing them is the fun part.

Best of luck to you-


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