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QUESTION: My Neuman TLM47 microphone produces fluttering sound in between recordings after a certain amount of time.The sound varies from being a flutter to pink noise(sort of) to whistling type noises.It is very disturbing during recordings.What can be the reason for it.Is moisture one reason, cos i have duct air conditioner in my setup.i have recorded the noise that it produces so that i can mail it to u and you get a clearer picture.Also i have tried different mics but after some time all goes towards those variant noises mentioned above.i have even tried changing the cables and even the mic pre amps.but the problem persists.plz give me an id so that i can mail that sample noise track. regards.

ANSWER: Hello and thank you for your question.

If you have changed Mics, and the problem persists, then the problem is not the mics. If you have changed cables, it's not the cables. If you have changed mic pre's, it's not the mic pre's. if you can change audio converter / interface and it persists, it's not the interface. I am wondering if you have a poor power system. Many times, noise can be induced in your signal from your audio equipment being on the same circuit as household applicants / fluorescent lights and other noisy machines.  The best bet would be to get your recording hardware on a dedicated circuit, and then run a true ground from that circuit to the actual ground (dirt) to gaurentee a clean power system. Many pro studios do this and then use Orange colored outlets on the wall to show "Studio Only".

Monster also sells rack gear called the Pro 7000 which I own and use. This is a device that measures Amps / current, is a noise filter, power conditioner, and breaker all in one. You plug all into it, and it becomes your first line of defense against noise. It will also show if your breaker is under performing and only giving say 110 volts instead of 120 volts. I don't know what you use in India- yours might be 220, but you know what I mean.

Let me know if this helps-

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QUESTION: thanks for your reply...mine is an audio professional studio... its not a home recording studio...i will still try the above suggestion and check the circuit...

also does over cooling the room causes mics to catch up with moisture thus producing the problem i asked...does opening of the doors whenever needed causes difference in air pressure which is dampening the mics? its a stupid question but still plz help with it as i m need to find the solution? regards

Hello again-

I have been told that the perfect humidity to keep is 52%, but this is for preserving Guitars so that you do not loose intonation. I imagine that this also would be ideal for the Studio in general. Typically HVAC air conditioners actually reduce humidity in rooms, so if you are experiencing dry mouth after several hours of work, you could always get a humidifier with a meter and set it to 52%. I have heard this can make prolonged work much more comfortable.

I don't believe that the opening of doors is hurting your microphones. I am more inclined to believe that power is the problem. Make sure that your computer monitors are on a separate circuit from all the studio pro gear. Lights, Screens, and anything else that is not professional studio equipment should be on a separate circuit. This is paramount. Someone around you could be causing the problem, such as a copy machine, or an ice maker. This is why I recommend making sure you can isolate your studio gears. Also, "dimmer switches" for lights are also VERY noisy. You want either on or off, but no dimmer switches. Lastly, if you have any industrial lighting with ballasts, the ballasts cause noise as well in the circuit. I would switch to lamp light in that case.

I know this is probably very frustrating for you, but if you put the work in to identify your noise, you will eventually solve it and then never have to worry about it again.

Best of luck-

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