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I am recording my voice whilist I am singing along to other songs so as to monitor my pitch.
I have discovered that I tend to go off pitch when I try singing along to a song which is too loud on my headphones.
However I do well if I reduce the volume of my headphones.I also do well if I am singing along to a song that is being played from loud speakers.
Can I safely conclude that Im now good at pitch recognition?.
And that when I am recording vocals to my track I will simple lower the volume of the instrumental that would be playng on headphones and sing well.
Or should I give myself the task on tryng to be on pitch even when my headphones are too loud.

Hello Onwell-

First, Listening to Music over 90 decibels (S.ound P.ressure L.evel) is where hearing damage begins. So I would definitely recommend to you that as a professional singer, you keep your hearing in tact and safe. Wear earplugs in Night Clubs, Concerts, and Loud venues. Hearing damage does not recover. "Tinnitus" is the permanent ringing in your ears.  Now that I have sufficiently scared you, take care of your ears. I have a free app on my iPhone called "SPL Meter", and I carry ear plugs with me. If the room is over 90dbs, I use them.

Second, it is very common that singers must hear themselves singing to be able to sing "in tune". This is why live performances often go bad, because musicians need good monitoring. Many musicians even purchase custom in-ear monitors for use on stage. You will notice many pop one ear out, to hear the band, and keep the other in to hear themselves. They are receiving a feed from the Sound guy at front of house.

So for you, I would recommend to keep the volume lower so you stay in pitch. However, you can experiment with volume, because I personally enjoy loud music, and it makes me more excited. So loud music may inspire a better performance, even though it is out of pitch. That's why we have Auto-Tune.

Best of luck to you!


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