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Hi. I am asking 3 things. First, what do I need for a recording studio like Mariah Carey's studio. Also, how much does it cost? Lastly, how much is the best body editing type of photoshop cost?

Hi Angel, I'm afraid that I can't really answer your questions. I didn't even know Mariah Carey had a recording studio, nor do I know what it's equipped with. As I don't know what it's equipped with, I have no idea how much it might cost. I don't even know what the last question is referring to nor do I understand its relevance from a musical perspective.

Now, what I can do if you like is give you a list of components you could purchase base on your budget. You don't need millions of dollars nowadays to have a pro level studio, but it is still a substantial investment in the thousands if you're starting out from zero. Now if you plan on playing or singing for the rest of your life no matter what, then it's always a good investment cause it's fun, it involves a lot of learning, experimentation & is extremely rewarding. If you provide me with your start up budget, I'll be able to give you a list of gear that will allow to achieve professional results right from the comfort of your own home.

Now as for the last question, if you are inferring that the way you look or how heavy you are has anything to do with music, get it out of your head. The sooner you accept & love yourself for who you are, the sooner you will realize & enjoy success in all areas of your life. The only reason one should ever be concerned about their weight or looks is for health reasons. If you need help realizing a healthier lifestyle, I can help with that as well, but it will be done privately via email, telephone iChat etc.

One other thing - as I have no idea how old you are, I will advise you that if you are not yet fully grown that you should NOT start dieting or supplementing with any type of weight loss formulas. If you are still growing, you body needs all the power it can get to turn you into a healthy & strong adult. so just stay away from fast food, eat as much salad, fruits & veggies as you want & stay away from too much dairy & junk food. That with a half hour walk a day & a good hot yoga class will yield fantastic results even if you suffer from thyroid issues. If you're not used to exercising a lot, start VERY slow & get lots of rest. Also if you eat a lot of junk, don't go cold turkey & start eating only good food or you can go into detox & it can be quite unpleasant if you're not used to it. Eat super healthy every other day & eat as you normally would every other day for at least a month. Then you can start doing two days on super healthy with one cheat day till you get to six days a week where you eat only healthy food. Always keep the 7th day as a cheat day to enjoy the things you like to eat for your soul. (For me it's Pizza & Ice Cream! LOL)

Just from following the advice I've just given you, I've trimmed down several belt sizes over the last year, dropped from 270 lbs to 225, got my blood pressure back down to normal & my cholesterol back down to normal with no medications whatsoever. And I'm 43 years old, so at my age, it's not supposed to come off so easy. Anyways, I hope that helps somewhat, sorry I can't help more. If you know the web address to Mariah's studio I'll check it out. I poled around a bit & couldn't find anything on it. I did find one youtube vid & the studio she was in was huge & likely in the millions of dollars. Luckily, you don't need a huge console & millions of dollars to get a million dollar sound nowadays. Send me your budget & we'll go from there & if you want to talk more about health, just get in touch with me via email from either of my websites.
Peace - J.

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I specialize in Macintosh recording systems on OS X & am well versed in most of the available software titles relative to the platform. I can answer most questions about home recording in general such as: Mic placement, recording/mixing/mastering techniques, control room set up, acoustics & acoustical treatment & choosing the right equipment for specific recording applications. I do not answer PC related questions, or questions pertaining CD/DVD copying or ripping.

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I have been working in studios for over 20 years both as a recurring artist playing on my own recordings & as a session musician, engineer & producer. I run a Mac based studio from my home, use mostly Logic or Garageband. I'll use Garageband for writing & Pre-Prod & move the project over to Logic afterwards. I also have experience using Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Ableton Live & many others. My preferences are Logic & Pro Tools & as such my area of expertise is focussed in these two apps. I'm also an IT guy, sysadmin & electronics technician so can help with technical questions relating to studio operation & maintenance.

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