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Hi! Its me again. You said to e-mail you, so what is your e-mail?
So, here are a few questions I have..
Question 1:
         You know how there are some songs hard to sing, right? When I write my songs, how do I make mine hard to sing?
Question 2:
         How do I write extremely good songs? Like how do I edit the sng lyrics until they are perfect?
Question 3:
         How much space do I need to make a home music studio?
Question 4:
         My voice is babyish, so, how do I make it a little mre mature?
Question 5:
         What is your e-mail?

K so here we go:

1. Why do you want to try to make your songs hard to sing? Trying to write a song thats hard to sing is like trying to make a car that's hard to drive. It doesn't make sense. There's only two reasons you find certain songs hard to sing:
!. You don't have the training or haven't put in the practice
2. The song is out of your range. (Which could be do to factor number one)

2. You write really good songs by writing about things that matter to you. Personal experiences, feelings etc. Working your lyrics is simply a matter of practice. Write what comes into your head & add to is as you think of things. Keep going over it till something else comes into your head & then write that as well. sing the song over & over till it finishes itself. If you get stuck, walk away & come back to it later.

3. As much as you can afford. If you want truly professional results, you're looking at about 5000.00 minimum.

4. Practice singing songs from people that you would like to sound like & try to mimic their voices.

5. allexperts@rivercityjunction.com

Hope that helps!
Peace - J.

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