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I have been dabbling with a friend's Boss BR-1180 digital recording studio. This is pretty much a ground-up endeavor. I'm finding the recorded voice component to be somewhat muddy. I'm using a Shure SM-58 microphone, but am suspecting that a higher-end condenser mic might clear up the voice. I am willing to spend $200 - $300, but not more.

Do have any suggestions as to what brands, models or even just features / specs I should be looking for? There are so many variables and its all foreign to me.

Hello Patrick-

Thank you for the question. There is a certain point where when you are buying audio gear, you have to just bite the bullet and upgrade your pieces to the items buyable at the $1000+ range if you want great results. Simply put, there is a line where the good gear costs money, because the internal workings of the equipment is the cost. The good parts cost money.

That said, I wouldn't waste your money with sideways purchases built to promise "better results". Yes there are a few microphones that are famous and can be purchased for under $400 like the Sennheiser MD421, The Shure Sm7, The RE-20 to name a few... but these are all useful for specific recordings: The 421 is known for Toms, and the RE-20 is a great Bass Mic. The Sm7 is the "thriller" mic, heard on MJ's vocals.

If I were to advise you properly, I would tell you that you will gain more of an advance in tuning your room where you are recording / mixing / listening to playback.

Check out this thread on the John Sayer's Recording Studio Builder forum. These do-it-yourself acoustic tiles wil give you a better listening experience, and therefore will help you make better records. Muddy vocals? EQ them because now you can hear where to EQ.  (Try a cut between 200hz & 500hz) Use your ears!


Best of luck to you!!!


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