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Hello sir!

I am in the process of learning mixing and recording music of Hard Rock and some Metal i guess (depends on my mood)

Correct me if i'm wrong, so far i'm looking for these items for recording:

Studio monitors, Mixers... anything i'm missing?

I already have a guitar USB interface and i know for a fact that the guitar USB interface doesn't have a level control just volume control, so that shows me a mixer is a better alternative? Does the sound recorded makes any difference when recording via guitar usb interface and mixers?

How should i record my guitars to make it stand out than the drums, bass and synths in my music? what are the EQ rules for hard rock and metal i suppose to get every strum of the guitar is heard?

Thank you and looking forward for your reply

Hi Yura - Coming from the old school, I have found the JBL 43-11s as did all my previous enginneer buddies.  There are several others of which I am unfamiliar with the model numbers i.e. Tannoy, Alesis, Elecro-Voice, more.  Check out Sweetwater and Musicians Friend catalogues.  Then there's always Ebay for new and used stuff.

As far as mixing goes, "Sweeten to taste".  As far as EQ goes don't add if necessary.  Drums are a different animal.  Good luck with that. It is recommended not to use headphones when mixing.  

I don't believe in powered speakers,  just the old fashioned way of using a power amp with Monster cable.

Good luck with your mission!  Write me for any more questions.


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