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Hi! I want to compile some of my favorite songs into one. I would like to edit out some parts of one song and merge the rest of that song with another song. How do I do this? Is there a limit to how many songs I can compile into one mp3 (or whatever) file? Is there some special equipment I need? Is there a place where I can do this? Thanks!

Hi Calle - This reminds me of a song "mash uo", or a medley of various tunes set to music.  Back in the olden days of yore when cassette music was popular,  we engineers Went on to a rampage of medleys to assemble.  Simple though effective ways of doing this process we now know of using GoldWave.  Try this on for size before going on to another means of this method.  May your excitement be true


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Cup-a-music, ascap for a Chubby Checker song, '82

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