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Hi DrFord,

I tried recording on my Samick fa2 using trial versions of FL Studio and GuitarRig. I used a 1/4" jack cable to connect the guitar directly to the mic-in port of the laptop using a 3.5mm converter jack. The laptop has no dedicated sound card and I am using asio4all drivers to record in mono.

The problem is I constantly hear a small buzz when the guitar is connected. It does not change when I move the guitar around, pull the laptop charging 3-prong plug out, or even when I swap guitars.

Can this be solved by using a DI box? Or a USB MIDI interface? Or any other way?

Thank you!

Hello Vargab-

I would definitely try a DI box first before spending any large money. The problem is that headphone 1/8th inch is a noisy connection. It is not considered a "professional" cable, and the noise you are hearing is most likely a bad Grounding between the Guitar and the headphone jack.
The best thing you could do would be to buy an external soundcard. If you like using eBay, check out the Pro Fire 2626, it is widely regarded as the best sounding least expensive converter on the used market.

I have also heard from Guitar players that opening up the guitar and grounding the Guitar internally can solve noise problems. Watch this video and see if this is what you are dealing with. Maybe it will help.

Best of luck to you!


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