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I've played clarinet for years at church.   Worked
on my tone and technique.
   Would it be hard to send some of my sounds to a
producer or someone?  Or pay for a recording or sample
of  this tone and technique.
    People have told me it sounds marketable.

   (something like Pete Fountain,  Aker Bilk, etc.
good vibrato and intonation) or Kenny G

         ?   Thanks  Dick

Hello Dick-

I am not totally sure I understand what you are asking, but I am happy to expand on what I think you are asking. If you want more information, please follow up with as many questions as you like and I will be happy to continue the conversation.

There are two ways I see you relating to the Studio.

1. As a paying customer / client.   You could come to me and say "I wrote some songs featuring my Clarinet a la Kenny G., and I want you (A producer) to help me make a record.

Put together a budget, and a concept for your sound, refine your song selections to your best work that can be accomplished inside the budget you have, and start recording.

It is fun, and you may find yourself starting a new career as an Artist.  If you are looking for someone to help you, I am in Los Angeles, but I'd be happy to work with you.

2. As a "Session Musician".  In this scenario, the Producer or Artist would pay you to come Record on their music. You are paid immediately at the time of the session, you would own no rights to the recording, nor any Royalties, a "hired gun" if you will.  I typically pay $150 per song to a Session Musician here in Los Angeles.  This can be a great way to get some Studio Experience, earn some extra income, and start building your credit list.  I just want to make clear that you are being paid cash for any creative ideas you may have, and signing away any rights. This shouldn't be a problem for someone familiar with Orchestra work, which is the Studio tends to pay considerably more, as their are members of a Guild / Union and the Pay ("Scale") is either for a Major Label, or an Indie, Indie usually pays considerably less.... but all work is good work!!!

To get into the Session player world, you will need to make those connections. The first thing you do is make business cards, and drop them off at every Recording Studio and Rehearsal Hall you can find in your area. Second, start posting DAILY on Craigslist.org in the Community / Musicians section.   Third, join an Orchestra or two... or three.... get your Sight Reading Chops up and get NETWORKING with the Conductors / Arrangers. Four, join the Musicians Union near you (find the one that is actually working and getting members work) and pay your dues literally. You get to choose which Gigs you do and whether they are Union or Not, but you can't collect Guild pay if you aren't guild. So double your money and opportunity.

I would recommend trying your hand at some recording first, in a low pressure, low cost situation, before you start really pushing here... and it will be beneficial for possible Employers to hear your work before they hire you. We Producers / Engineers can hear talent and tone through bad recordings so don't worry about the first round of Product. It is just your Audible Business Card.

You may also find a small website and a small Photo-shoot with your instrument beneficial when Marketing and Networking.  Nothing crazy, just something to re-enforce that you are serious.

Once you have an established reputation and some Credits, you may find like many Session Pro's, you want to build your own small studio so that you can work with anyone anywhere, just send them your isolated Clarinet Recording and they will lay it into their Session where-ever they are.   I would DEFINITELY NOT Recommend this until you have put a few years in, as the Money / Time Commitment / Learning Curve is against you. When people are calling you weekly for sessions, and you have learned how to Record yourself through Experience in other studios, then maybe.

I hope this helps, Best of Luck to you, and let me know if you have any more Questions.


p.s. Make sure you are registered at either BMI, ASCAP, or SESAC, as they will collect money for you on songs you have written or co-written, if they play on Radio / TV / FILM, and they also help you keep your Copyrights. The eCo Electronic Copyright Office of the Library of Congress charges $35 to Copyright your finished material that you own the Masters on.  If you want to know about Owning Masters, read about it here on my blog.

"Who Owns the Masters?"

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