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QUESTION: I have a question regarding to the Lexicon Alpha Interface. It was  recommended by you all due to me wanting to hear my voice live while recording at the same time. I received the Alpha a few days ago and decided to try it out last night.  I hooked the Alpha up to the USB input on my laptop, my mic to a phantom power amp, and the phantom up to the alpha. Last I hooked up my headphone to the interface in the headphones input. I opened up my Sonar 6 Producer addition and dragged an instrumental into track 1. I set the track 2 up for record . I then set the knobs on the Alpha to where I can hear the instrumental and my voice live at the same time. It did as was described from you all. But when I reviewed what I recorded, it recorded  my voice and the instrumental. I donít want the instrumental recorded if I already have it in a separated track.  I do need to hear the instrumental an voice as well, but I just want the voice recorded! I asked the musician's friend experts and was told that it could be how the I have the track busses setup.

ANSWER: Hello Cornell-

Very strange. Ok I need more info. I'm not a Sonar user, but they all have the same basic rules.

My first question would be: "did you mute your speakers?" Sounds silly but maybe that's as it? This would be easiest if we talked over Skype.  Let me know if you can do that, as I could help you discover the problem. Once it's solved, you will be good to go. If Skype is not possible, then take screenshots of how everything is setup, preferences, hardware setup, snap a photo of the unit front and back, let me see everything I can see.


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QUESTION: Hello again.I am sorry for taking so long to email you back..I am not to familiar with Skype so took out the time to make a video for you, explaining in details on whats going on. I really hope you find that my video was helpful with the information so you can help me figure out the issue. I uploaded it on you tube at http://youtu.be/HfpjDj5DRAc . Please let me know if you successfully viewed the video.

ANSWER: Hello Cornell-

Youtube won't allow me to see the video... says video if private.

Let me know!


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QUESTION: Sorry about the video marked as private. I just put it has public...Please revisit the website at http://youtu.be/HfpjDj5DRAc . Thanks a lot.


1. Ditch the RCA Cable. That's the problem.   You don't need the RCA, because the Lexicon ( LECKS - IH - CON )  communicates over the USB... NOT THE RCA.   The OUTPUTs are for your Studio Speakers. Since you don't have any... don't use that.   

2. You need to go into the SONAR PREFERENCES and pick "Audio / Device", and then select the INPUT through the LEXICON, and then you pick either use the OUTPUT of the "Built in Soundcard" (LAPTOP HEADPHONES), or LEXICON OUTPUT.   

If you choose the Laptop, you MIGHT have some latency / delay  from when you speak and when you hear your voice. (This is why you got the Lexicon).  

Whats happening, is that (I think) you currently have the AUDIO / DEVICE setting set to your INTERNAL LAPTOP soundcard, which is recording the RCA cable. The RCA cable is.. .for Speakers.

So go fix your preferences, and then hit me back and let me know if it worked.


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