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I own a focusrite itrack solo with two phono outputs (http://www.dv247.com/assets/products/101697_l.jpg) and have just bought a pair of m-audio bx5 d2 speakers.

The speakers have a TRS input as well an XLR input; what do you think would be the best way to connect the interface to the speakers?

It may seem like a stupid question but I'm super paranoid about screwing the up my stuff by messing with different adapters and potentially too much signal going into different inputs etc.

Thanks a lot,

You will want a cable that goes from an RCA to a 1/4" TS connector, as the 1/4" jack on the speakers accepts unbalanced connections.

Alternatively, you can use a female RCA/male 1/4" TS adapter with standard RCA to RCA cables with no problems...

Something like this:

They're readily available online and retail... don't spend a lot, as one will function no better than another.

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