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QUESTION: hello dear

I m asking about a stereo microphone I have is it suitable for recrdong voice recrod as I m voice over newbie

the microphone called " carol uni-directional dynamic microphone with music voice switch - MUD -346 50 ohm "

1- whats your opinion about that's kind of mic ?

2- whats the meaning of uni-directional and music voice switch ?

3- how can I remove noise from my voice record ?

thanks and best regards

ANSWER: Hello Aob-

Thank you for your question. You can use the stereo mic for vocals, just point one of the capsules at your mouth, and then only use the audio from that one capsule.  These types of Mics are typically used for drum overheads, or stereo rooms, or even an acoustic guitar, 1 pointed at the 12th fret and 1 pointed at the sound hole.   Normally for vocals, you want a large diaphragm condenser mic, but often a dynamic mic can be great for "rock vocals", as well as ribbon Mics sounding great for a more "dark" or vintage vibe.

I don't usually see "uni" directional, the standard settings are "omni" (all directions), "cardiod" (front pickup with back rejection - for vocals), and "figure 8" (front and back pickup even, but reject sides).  I imagine, if you flip the switch and you loose bass response, you are in a mislabeled "omni" mode, where "vocal" mode is cardoid (most common).  

Removing noise is best handled with a de-noiser plug-in, but if you can't find that, take a clean recording of the noise with no other signal, in the exact place as the singer will sing (room tone), and then flip the phase (/) using a basic EQ (circle with a slash through it), and then layer that underneath the viva on a separate track. This is called phase canceling, where -1 + 1 = 0.

Good luck!


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QUESTION: thank you sir

1- I understood from your sound that my mentioned microphone is acceptabel toward my voice over recording , is that right ?

2- unfortuntely , I misunderstood the second question part of voice removal , you mentioned some technical details for noise removing , I haven't a home studio or audio engineer , I just want my voice demos noise to be removed for outputting voice with good quality by using my pc windows computer , I have just wanted from you to remove noise using simple computer software , it is better to be free because I m newbie , so can you recommend me some soft wares can do that job ?

3- whats your opinion about audacity ?

thanks and best records


The mic is acceptable if you enjoy the way the recording sounds. Nothing else matters.

Removing noise, try Izotope RX software.

Audacity is a fine program. Use what you have, and upgrade when you have the spare money. The music industry at large (In the USA) typically uses either Pro Tools or Logic.

Happy New Year!!!


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