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I'm currently building a pc for music production and a lot of people online write about having a quiet pc (fan noise and hard drive disk sound and such), but is it really important to have a quiet pc if you do recordings in a separate room or use mostly MIDI  rather than recorded audio?     -OR-     Is the reason for having a quiet pc more about how the sound of the fans may effect your ability to EQ or mix sessions properly? b/c i noticed that when i had my acoustic guitar behind me, it would vibrate to the music making it difficult to properly EQ.

Hello Josh-

The quiet PC is generally for those people who record in the same room as their computer... No vocal booth and no live room.  If you have a desperate room to record in I wouldn't worry about it too much. As far as it affecting your ability to eq, if your fan is that loud, then try and get a quiet one, but I still feel it unlikely that some ambient fan noise will change what you are hearing. Occasionally fans make a whining noise as they age, which can develop a note value, but if this really bothers you, put your PC in a closet, or get an ISO box.

Your anecdote on the guitar is more likely to affect you, in the same way that bad mechanical isolation will affect you. Sympathetic vibrations causing noise (like a metal desk shaking) can cause noise we mistakenly perceive as coming from the music when it isn't actually, forcing us to make mix choices to fix something that isn't broken. In this case, toss a blanket over the guitar, or pick up some "Dynomat" or a heavy neoprene mousepad, or Owens Corning 703 (or equivalent).  There's always a way to DIY sound improve your space.

Best of luck-

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