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Dr. Ford,

I am looking to start recording music as well as spoken word. I will try to keep this short and sweet. I am looking to start making my own instrumentals with FL Studios. If I get the Fruity Version of FL Studios and want to combine the instrumental with the voice recording am I able to do that with a program such as Audacity? And my follow up to that question is (knowing the difficulty of trying to put those two files together and hoping they match perfectly) is it worth purchasing the Producer Version of FL Studios so I don't have to worry about that? Other suggestions are welcome as well! Thank you for your time.

Hello Anthony-

Sorry about the delay in response.  If the "Producer" version of FL Studio allows you to record vocals directly in to the same session as the Beat, that will always be preferable than to have to switch programs. Being able to mix and edit the vocals inside the beat gives you more options for your mix to be sonically better.  Just as a heads up, the majority of professional studios in the USA (including all of the big studios using consoles) use Pro Tools. I bring this up because if you are considering buying a system, I would always recommend to "stay with the flock" strictly because then you can take your sessions to any studio and load them up. That ability gives you collaboration potential, as well as having someone else mix your session for you.

However, I know many beat makers who enjoy working in FL, so if that is more comfortable for you, do it... just get the full version that allows you to record vocals, or really any instrument.



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