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Hello there

i'm trying to figure out how to record a guitar to a Left and Right channel of a DAW mixer simultaneously.

I understand i can do it by recording a mono track and then repeating the same riffs and panning both tracks Left and Right

But is there another way of doing this without having to record the same riffs repeatedly?

Here is my general idea though and i would like to ask your opinion if it should work:

My guitar connected to a multi effect pedal with Left and Right output (e.g. Boss ME-25) then connected to a multi channel interface (e.g. M Audio Mtrack or Alesis iO2 Express) then to my pc via usb

Then set my DAW mixer and arm two channels one Left and one Right

Thank you and looking forward for your reply

Forgive me for the delay... internet issues.

The easiest would be to just copy the mono recorded track to another track and just pan them L & R.

To record simultaneously to 2 separate tracks:
You can use a pedal with stereo outputs (as you have);
Set the inputs on two tracks in your software to the same input - that way, you'll record EXACTLY the same thing to two separate tracks.

There isn't just a single way of doing it, really. For a really big sound, you'll want to very slightly alter one of the tracks (slight effects or EQ change - nothing major).

I hope this helps out. Let me know if you have any more questions... Cheers!

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