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Hello Dr. Ford, Can You tell me how to Record My audio on My Yamaha AW1600 In sync with a Video say for example I record  Myself playing,and want to use the multitracking audio not the audio from the camera to put on the video.I also have a program called Movie Edit Pro which I'm not having good luck with getting that going either.It doesn't seem to do what I want it to do. I would really Appreciate Your Help.(Frustrated)Thanks.

Hello Tony-

Generally syncing video requires a few steps. 1, you need to make sure that all sources are recording at the same rate. Meaning... if you record at 24 frames / second, you have to do that on all devices.  Exporting your mixdown from the Yamaha AW 1600 (which I am not familiar with) there should be an option to change the sample rate of the bounce... make sure it is 48k (what film uses) and match the frame rate if you have the option.  When I am tasked to do these melds, the programs I use (Final Cut / iMovie / Sony Vegas) all let me drag the mixdown into the edit session for the video, but some Audio programs like Pro Tools will let you bring Video into the Audio session, and export a meld of the two from there. If you are on  PC, I apologize as I am a dedicated Mac OSX guy, but I am sure there will be solutions for you there. You may need to ask an expert on Video for PC, as the audio export from your AW1600 should be fairly simple, just make sure you bounce it out at 48k.  The next step is to use the Audio from the Video, to sync the 2 together. In the end, you will mute the audio from the camera, but you will need it to get the mixdown in sync with the video. Just do playback of the mixdown audio so that the camera picks it up, and then you should be able to visually line up the waveforms in the video editor. Many even have an auto command to line them up for you.

Sorry if I am not more help, Video is not my speciality. Best of luck to you-


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