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hello dear

I m asking about some confusion about

1- mixing

2- remixing

3- mash up

can you recommend me a free  program software for beginners collecting the above options , if not recommend me each option program ?

does you know that remixing-mixing-rearrangement science  is exist since 60,s , 70,s , 80,s of last century ?
without using technology , there are great musicians , rearrange and remix their songs and music on different styles without using computer and technology   , please comment

thanks and best regards


Mixing, is what you do when your recordings are finished, think of it like "post Production". This is the blending of audio, enhancing, effecting, EQ, compression, mute... tuning a vocal, trying to make what you recorded sound the best possible.

ReMixing, is when someone brings you a finished song, and they want a Producer to make a new creative idea using the old parts. Usually this is when a song is "Remixed" into a Dance music genre, by speeding it up and adding 4 on the floor kicks. Sometimes it's an entirely new spin on the music, where only the vocal is saved. Remixing will require "mixing" once the arrangement is setup and ready to go.

A Mashup is when to totally different songs are overlayed, in an attempt to emulate a DJ playing to records at the same time, and having it be fun and cool.  This is a fun way to alter older material and marry it with newer music, or take a verse from 1 song and put it on another. This is fun for DJ's, because doing it gives unique music no one else has.

There is a new version of Pro Tools FREE, I would recommend that.  

Mixing has been around since the 70's, look up Bob Clearmountain, he was one of the first dedicated Mixers. ReMixing didn't come about until the 90's when DJ culture evolved into mainstream, but the concept of creating a better backing track is not new. This is how Motown worked, they would switch singers or bands until they had something fantastic. The best sound wins.

If musicians are skilled enough to play live to Tape, meaning analog tape, then they can do it. In times before modern DAWs, we used MIDI and Keyboards / drum machines sync'd via timecode / beatclock / smpte.

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