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I want to fade out the ending of a digital file,  be it an
mp3 file, aiff, etc. I cannot determine how to achieve this.

It was simple to do with analogue casette decks, but how can we do
this on our computers ?
Also, I would like to equalize the sound output level on a batch
of audio files, mp3, aiff, etc. Is this possible ?

I use a mac, OS X.
All comments are appreciated.
James/ Toronto Canada

Hello James!

A simple request. Check out Reaper, it's a full featured DAW that will give you EQ and fade out. It is donation based, so try it out, and then buy it if you like it. There is also a Pro Tools free version with limited features, but would include EQ and fade, as well as in a pinch, you could use iMovie, or GarageBand, included in your Mac OsX install, and either would do the same.

Hope this helps, Audacity also come to mind, but I would recommend Reaper or Pro Tools Free first.

Thank you and good luck!


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