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I'm 14 years old, and I've toyed around with music production for 4 years using FL Studio, loads of virtual vst plugins, and a couple of decent microphones. I have a very high powered PC and I don't use any other out of the box equipment. Over the years I've gotten quite a good and full sound by ear, but I'm interested in learning the true proper ways to record and mix my music. I need to know where to start and what I should learn to result in a basic overall good mix. I've been searching for reliable resources online to get me set onto the right path, but some extra input never hurts. Thank you!

Hello Lee-

I'm just now seeing this, so I apologize for the delayed response. Thank you for your question.

The single most important factor in making commercially competitive Mixes and Production, is Acoustics of the Room you are are listening in, and Monitoring in the room you are listening in. Check out the John Sayers recording Forum, it is just about acoustics and monitoring. That is where people build amazing rooms. You can post photos of your space and pro's will give you tips.  You will improve more from maximizing your Acoustics / Monitoring than any other tip or trick or compression lesson on the internet. Beyond that, I recommend that you begin to set up an A/B with your favorite reference tracks, and start mixing competitively to beat those tracks. Learn to dissect than match the sound they got. Don't do it to copy, do it to learn proper amounts and balances. Get to a point where you can flip back and forth and say "I got it, I filled the spectrum just like my favorite track here."

I have extended theory lessons available on ProStudioLive.com, about 10+ hours I believe. Chase competitive sound, you can't win if you don't have a partner.

Best of luck to you-


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