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Hi Mae.
I just want to ask some question regarding home school program for my both 4th grade children Canadian citizen. we are currently living outside Canada. last year they attending International school here for 3rd grade. but because the circumstance happen we need to stop them to send in the school. we planning to put them in home school program this year 2014-2015. kindly give us advice for this matter. Thank you.

Hi, Cecilia. Thanks for your question, and my apologies for being a bit slow to respond. I'm not that familiar with homeschooling requirements in Canada (have lived in the U.S. my whole life, and that's what I know). But I'm guessing it's much like in the U.S., where there is no national set of standards or requirements for homeschoolers, but instead laws/regulations vary from state to state and even sometimes from one school district to another. The best thing is to find a support group local to where you'll be living and find out from its members how to get started. Here's a place to find one: http://a2zhomeschooling.com/support_groups/support_groups_homeschool_worldwide. Scroll down till you see the list for Canada, divided by province.

Hope this helps! Feel free to get back in touch if you need further guidance.


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I am a grown homeschooler. My three younger sisters and I were educated at home from K-12. We were unschoolers, so my experience lies primarily in that area of homeschooling.

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