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Pat, my family lives in Houston, Texas. We are extremely disappointed in our area schools. We are considering home-schooling our 6 yr old son. I am interested in your experiences and opinion. Also, I would appreciate any info you can give me on good resources, including how to find out Texas home-schooling requirements. Thanks for your time.

Hello, Ed,

I am not familiar with Texas law with respect to homeschooling. Undoubtedly a search on the internet will turn up the required information. The homeschooling legal defense association (too late in the evening for my brain to come up with the exact name) probably has summaries of all state laws on their web site.

I definitely recommend you homeschool your son. The schools all over are very bad, and getting worse and worse.

When it comes to resources, what type of resources are you looking for? Christian or non-Christian curricula? The library is a really good resource. There are good workbooks available. It's been awhile since our children left home (nearly two decades), so I am not as familiar with what is currently available. I found Easy Grammar to be the best, and I think it's still available. It teaches children to memorize a list of prepositions so they can recognize prepositional phrases. Subtract those out, and the rest of the sentence tends to be easy to analyze. Romalda Spaulding has a good book on teaching reading, but I think it is possible and preferable to teach reading before writing, because children develop the hand coordination needed for writing later than the ability to learn to read. A rigorous curriculum that some favor is the Trivium. You can search for these things online. You might also want to try the Montessori method, but it requires some equipment, so it will depend partly on what your budget is. The formal equipment teaches many concepts thoroughly at an early age. The philosophy can be applied without the equipment. Make your home a wonderful resource for learning. Don't try to simulate a classroom. The old McGuffey Readers are wonderful. Earlier readers that are based on phonics are a good place to start as well. I can elaborate more on music and the arts in another message, as well as science and other such topics.

When it comes to my experiences and opinion, please be specific about what you want to know.

I hope this helps.

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I can answer some questions about how to do homeschooling, and what resources are available. I can talk about my experience homeschooling, and how children who have been homeschooled enter adulthood, and how they do.


We homeschooled our seven children through high school. I have also worked with other homeschooling families on an informal basis, from different perspectives. We have thirteen grandchildren. Our family is very, very close. I am proud of the way our children help each other, even to the extent of living together to save expenses, including the married ones. I almost completed a degree in Asian studies as well, and we have also helped our children handle the issues of other cultures.

I have a BA in art, and have studied the Montessori Method in formal settings. I observed in various schools, read many books, and volunteered in the Montessori classroom. I also studied piano for many years, and organ, and play two other instruments and sing. In many areas, I am self-taught. I read 15 languages, and I have spent thousands of hours reading law. I also have an interest in science and have read extensively in certain areas. I have a working knowledge of Christian apologetics. As an amateur ethnobotanist, I have done a study of the uses of Sonoran Desert plants, and have written material which covers hundreds of pages. I was the general contractor for building our house, and also raised goats and other animals. I am currently a professional artist and a field ornithologist. In other words, I have a widespread background in many subjects.

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