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I am wanting a language that is fun and easy to learn that might help me in the future,I have narrowed it down to Dutch,Frisian,Scots.I personally want Frisian because it is somewhat close to English.Please Help m,e decide and Suggest any other languages.

Hello, Gabe,

I can't really tell you which language you should learn. That's a personal decision. I will tell you that Dutch is considered closer to English than many languages, and a knowledge of German is also very helpful. Between English and knowledge of German, Dutch is easy to learn. I think Scots would not be as close to English but I can't tell you for sure. I don't know any Frisian. I have never worked with it. I imagine it resembles German, though. That's just a guess.

One language fairly easy for an English-speaking person is Spanish. Often, people already have more Spanish vocabulary than they realize. And it is useful. You probably don't have as many Spanish-speaking people in Tennessee as I do, living close to the border of Mexico. But I am sure there are some. You might have an opportunity to find someone to help you with speaking, by talking to you in Spanish. Materials are also very, very easy to come by. You might be able to find a Spanish TV station that you can access. Watching Spanish TV can be very helpful. You might also even find books in Spanish in the library. Give that some thought. And by no means, should you think you should learn only one additional language. Start with one, and then learn a similar one, and build from there. I read 15 languages, and I learned to do that one language at a time, and often learned related languages because they are easier. The first time I picked up an Afrikaans Bible, I could read it with ease in spite of the African vocabulary that is included, because I already read Dutch, Flemish, German, Norwegian, and Danish. I didn't have a dictionary and didn't need one. I was familiar with the Bible passage in English, which helped a great deal.

Good luck with your language learning. Learning another language is always a really excellent endeavor, because it broadens your horizons so much! I am a real fan of languages, as you can see. Oh, and by the way, ANY language is fun. People have a sense of humor, and it shows in how they use language when in the proper mood.

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